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One of the more requested services within our Multi-Metal Department is TCLP Analysis. However our laboratory offers a variety of analytical packages which include; RCRA-8 Totals, EPA 23 Priority Metals, Toxic Metal Profiles, Welding Fumes Profiles as well as custom analytical profiles.

Utilizing NIOSH, ASTM and EPA methodologies, analytical procedures are performed using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) and Inductively-Coupled Plasma spectroscopy (ICP).

What is a TCLP test?

TCLP is one of the test methods that is utilized when characterizing waste as either hazardous or non-hazardous as defined in the Code of Federal Regulations; RCRA 40 CFR Part 261. The term TCLP is an acronym for Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure.

This analysis simulates conditions within a landfill and determines which of the contaminants identified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are present in the leachate as well as their concentrations.

Over time, water and liquid waste percolates through landfills. The solid waste that you are depositing can potentially react with the percolating liquid, posing environmental health risks from the contaminants it absorbs. A TCLP analysis determines which of the contaminants identified by the EPA are present in the leachate and their concentrations.

EHS Laboratories performs  Lead TCLP Analysis as well as RCRA 8 TCLP Analysis.

RCRA8 Metals

US EPA Allowable Limits

Arsenic 5.0 ppm (mg/L)

Barium 100.0 ppm (mg/L)

Cadmium 1.0 ppm (mg/L)

Chromium 5.0 ppm (mg/L)

Lead 5.0 ppm (mg/L)

Mercury 0.2 ppm (mg/L)

Selenium 1.0 ppm (mg/L)

Silver 5.0 ppm (mg/L)

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